Earlier this year, the Singapore Actuarial Society's Big Data Working Party launched their second year running competition to promote development of data analytics talent in Asia.

The challenge was to predict purchase of a term-deposit product by customers through a telemarketing campaign of a bank. 93 teams / 99 individuals participated in this challenge.

Allianz Asia Pacific Data Science team is proud to announce that after a long 6 months of competition, 1 of our very own senior data scientist, Luo WuQiong has achieved 2nd place.

His unique solution was robust and place an importance on minimizing over fitting, that overcame the challenge of working with the thin (20 features) and largely imbalanced data set.  

Our lead data scientist Kelvin Le also won the top forum prize post award with his core contribution to the community on ensuring that the data was clean, as well as guidance on engineering different features for the data set.